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Many a times a fulfilled dream is that you are focused and worked on. At times a dream maybe an idea or vision yet to be realised.Remember Sleeping is not falling. Many a times people make comparison of things. Wanting them to be equal yet not having put in any efforts. This gentleman has never wanted to do things easily. He has conqured the microphone and many stages

He has been an invaluable bridge that is carried across the dreams of many. A new generation of Bongo Flava artists in Tanzania. Extracted Gold, sold and resold by the buyer and sold a new. Which in itself indicates the immeasuarable value ot the sold out product

It is no other than Barnaba Boy Classic. We call him teacher. We call him the great master Mopao. This time he returns with a brand new offering, His 4th massive music album since he started his musical journey with you. We believe the contents has been prepared and cooked with the highest of standards. Profesionally with precision.

Welcome ond all to taste this special dish. Laid out on a golden platter. And its called Refresh Mind Album enjoy.

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About Intro

Album : Refresh Mind (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Dec 18 , 2020

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