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English Translation For A New Girlfriend Story by YOUNG KILLER

Yoh da pro, "Yoh wassup bro"
How's my G, 'Dah fresh why it's so late night'
Very sorry my son I have a feature
This is my new girl, my girlfriend is a challenge
'Ah what is happening?'
Can we talk a little here? 'Yeah for sure' Okey

This girl every day is balling
She loves darkness and dreams of living in Singapore
She has nice hips and a cute eys
And when she plays she sweats you will says she's pushin a wheelbarrow
She is so focused on the pictures, she snaps and post
Yeah liking and commenting daddy
She has curved breats with a broken chest
When she passes boys they are like OMG 

When she saw me she was into me but she finally got turned off
When I asked for a match he gave me a heart
I mean, I asked for half she gave me full
The journey from Mwanza ends in China 

Each party she opens a champagne bottle
When you don't go she complains
I mean, at home, you can't stay, no gain
Allday but no pain no gain

I learned he was giving me a chain
I cook until I burn
I wash and rinse, toned down
And I care as if you are sick, you can say I'm burning
Perfume I spray her, gossips tell me
I stir the speed to a hundred then I reduce

The other day she disturbed by other girls
They took a photo of her and posted
In a Dera without make-up
Wearing slippers and a handbag

She forgot her wig on the seat
Came out like a robot
I really love her she loves me
He is ready to go where I wanna go
But I can't go where she goes

She's a good defender problem in the field I win
Child of a 'big gate' and every club member
What confuses me is the time she's available
I find her very tired, and blames the gym

Asa my son yesterday something went wrong
And when we quarelled I ran to her phone
I found so many wonders you can't even count
It might be the cause of the riots
And misery and I didn't punish him 
I didn't report her to my grandfather
Neither did I tell my sons nor the boss

I found her cheating with her trainer
And her designer's SMS
And the stress she go sleep at her place 
He misses her 
Follow her like a charm she smears
If it is a bad odour she cuts
I mean when it comes to romance and kisses

I know it's ridiculous and rubbish
Adolescence and knowledge 
You have to be aware of these affections
She loves the movie so much
I have filled inside
But settling down she can't

'Ah sa stori bro ...'
'Where are you?'

'Hello beib'
The truth is that the fooling is like a rock
I know every goat eats in the length of i'ts string
I know even the goat that eats the fruit and the pod
I know that yesterday you were at the casino with Amber

Light rail but the train passes
You think you're going to Tanga and Barrel
Pass them aghast, and you snap pictures
Asking who is you saying you're my sister

Okey my sister, you are playing with the left hand
Why swim with basin water, bringing me childhood
You get me back in the morning with bowls
You've mixed tha paste with beauty products

When you set fire to the cruel people
As it was light you would think the second table
You fill me with a mastress the whole time you travel
That is the will or conflict of mind

Huh is one word I want boo
You love me you don't love me so just tell me one
Instead I cry because daily love
Naskia the day you're freaking out with sele
And when they come to you they put money ahead
If I don't have a status tell me boo
Why do you bring sickness and torment on me?
Making me weak, just to stop me
And fixing me up

'Beiby I'm so sorry'
'I can't repeat this please forgive me'

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About A New Girlfriend Story

Album : A New Girlfriend Story (Album),
Release Year : 2020
Copyright: (c) 2020
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: May 01 , 2020


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