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English Translation For Whoopty Freestyle by NYASHINSKI

Just incase it wasn't clear
Shin forever top tear
The flow is a bomb in Bosnia
Boss mia I can't show no fear
Toook near 10 years off
Nikaprove mi ni mdeadly ofcourse
Sijai loose there plenty of sauce
Mi namove design cannot be copied ie

Kobe's shot is true
This shit is a hobby am true
Good to be lonely assume
I have a squad to assume
One meter is not enough
Online gossip has no doh ki tycoon
Still all eyes on me am who
God blessed am sorry

Too old for that old shit
Too busy so ni no sleep
Too easy so I'm not tired
Stay fly mi si I'm an ostrich
Midlife naispend-ia coast beach
This is the gokish smile
It is dirty and umenotice

Popular like your dope dealer Shinchilla
Don't forget the name beat killer
They can't check John Cena is on the brink
Top nigga no case
Bismilla click fresh

Sapa are these Mcee
For me it is an easy task
You can catch the beat anyway
Table razor if you have that jealousy
He is looking for you to find out
He gives himself only pain for free

Don't worry no one else
Professional of that thing
You will not be educated in these schools
You will not move me
It's a joke .... hahaha it's over !!

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About Whoopty Freestyle

Album : Whoopty Freestyle (Single),
Release Year : 2021
Copyright: (c) 2021
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Apr 09 , 2021


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