English Translation For Mfariji Wangu by WALTER CHILAMBO

Thank you Jesus
Your name be exalted
Be Praised Lord
God our Father, Holy One
You that is good and righteous
God our Father and The holy spirit
The Provider of Life
You that is the HEALER
That mends our HEARTS
Who is GOOD at all times
Even at this moment Lord
You created day and night
You that know our beginning and end
Our time of joy and our time for sadness
You will remain to be called God

It is you, it is you Lord
It is you, it is you Lord
There is no other like you
It is you, it is you God
It is you, it is you God

When I say you are Lord
It is true I mean it
Because you are not changed by environment
You change the environment
You can change bitterness
You can change torture to become happiness
Where there was crying you bring laughter
You can change terror, tears that are falling
And make them flow like rivers to become Peace
You are my consolation
You are Peace
You are Peace
There's no one greater than you

You, It Is You, It Is You Lord
It is you, it is you, it is you Lord
You that gives us sufficient Peace
It is you Lord, It is you Lord
My friend, my friend, My only true friend
It is you Lord, It is you Lord
It is you Lord, It is you Lord
It is you Lord, It is you Lord

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About Mfariji Wangu

Album : Mfariji Wangu (Single),
Release Year : 2021
Added By: Farida
Published: Mar 24 , 2021


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