English Translation For Diaspora by ROMA

Tongwe Records Beiby
(Bin Laden)

Tell him I didn't like it to run away from my country
Before the calendar I left before my son
And I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t know my successor
Do not mistreat my son 

Bury her navel as I pass the foot
Being a woman is the happiness I want
If you give me a male Inshallah that's it
I will give him the name of the apostle and I will call him Matthew

When he told his father he was an activist
And you showed him the price is the only memory left
He respects the brothers who left him at the lake
The caretaker should take care of him so that he does not see himself in danger

And let him not hate me because I did not hate his grandfather
If he knew why and would respect his decisions
And guard your tongue and keep the religion, you may have an old genie
And listen to my hand ---

And if you find it don't forget mom, remember it with grandma
Pray for me to get rid of the animal, I carry the dry Mozambique
I don't know I'll see you I'll die I don't know I'll come back
If he told Rome he was the father of the witness

Be patient, calm down, cry for her
This life is a journey
Don't cry, endure, calm down and cry
This life is a journey

I know you will give birth to pain
Labor will cry and much will fall under the emptiness
He will carry many angels
Pregnancy comes with a tantrum, and there is something you crave
Pulling him out is not a trick but I can't go back on the road

And you know that hunnie that house has no tiles
So you can measure the weight I have to either mature
I just want to grow up and build a house for my mother
Inshallah until you give birth I will be prepared

And I sent my picture to show my kids not to forget me
Tell them dad will come back and encourage them at least
There are times when I have sexual desires but I have no sexual desire
So please add lessons to the Master of Mbezi

I know you miss me but take care of yourself and I will take care of you
Protect my children are heirs and they are Roman emblems
They tell me fans Rome come back and take over the state
Just around the police you get a knee brace

So that's just life is a struggle but not a sin
And don't forget to give them five Dajide, Topics and Siza
And tell them while people are not choosing a career
Except for gossip and gossip that is a lot of things a parent

Be patient, calm down, cry for her
This life is a journey
Don't cry, endure, calm down and cry
This life is a journey

Be patient, calm down, cry for her
This life is a journey

Tongwe Records Beiby
(Bin Laden)

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About Diaspora

Album : Diaspora (Single),
Release Year : 2020
Copyright: (c) 2020
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Dec 09 , 2020

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