English Translation For Never Give Up by HARMONIZE

Oooh nooh
Lord have mercy
Yeh yeh eeeeh

Let me tell you ma stories
I was born in Tanzania
In a remote village
Here in the city I'm drowning
Now I make my paper My paper

Dreams were to play football
Suddenly the music moved
My dady im sorry five questions 
You didn't like what you heard
Like a joke I didn't start singing
God is not sent when I met a lion
He gave me company 
Despite my opponents saying I was not talented

Internal intracranial pressure once the harmo is swollen
Who will be loved by the edge of the tandahimba
If I give myself faith there is a day I will win
The man is the giver

Now I make my paper My paper
And I bless my family
Sorry they laughed at me laughing
Many times they said yes

I remember, mom told me "ma boy
Humans have no goodness
They will make you smile in the face
If you give them back, they say
Don't hold a grudge in your heart

Repay evil for good
Make You Remember You Don't See
That's what the text says "
I put God first in prayer
Suddenly there came a white Sarah

Aah, Thank you my baby
You love me, you support me, i love you too
Shoutout to my nigga jose of plans
Jabulant chopa i got love for you
The fierce beast is barking and grating

Tell her we are passing hands up
I know life journey is still a long way to go
But I find it better to sleep sure and eat Not as before
Debe for the ally ice cream and then tame and kariakoo
Geto and Bitter summer sunset Rain all rainy

Now I make my paper My paper
And I bless my family
Sorry they laughed at me laughing
Many times they said yes

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About Never Give Up

Album : Never Give Up (Single),
Release Year : 2019
Copyright: All rights to the owner.
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: May 27 , 2019


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