English Translation For Kadogo by ALIKIBA

Yoooh 001 aaah aaah ah
 Which one is yeah
 Little loves Keroro
 Keroro Little loves keroro Little kitty loves keroro
 I asked him
 He comes from 254 Mombasa to clever craftsmen Worthy of soul She must be
 There She would be there Wouh a little bit of You reject them
 You want water Your urine is not eeh father You want the buoys
 You cut off your opponent Your niece is not eeh dad You cut them off
 You want water Your urine is not eeh father You want the buoys
 You are cutting off your critics
 Little keroro Little keroro Little keroro Keramba
 A little bit like keroro came and went
 Keroro Akitwa sings kumba keroro Naskia am in love not a bit
 He can love me
 Such Anavyodance aaah Worthy She must be there She would be there
 The little ones You cut them off You want the water You cry for me
 Yours not eeh dad You want them boys You cut your critters
 Not yeah daddy You cut them off You want to water your Nicole
 No yeah dad You wanna baoys You cut your dick
  Little loves keroro Keroro keroro Little
 She loves keroro Little kitty She loves keroro Little kitty
 It is worth a little rohooo
 A little bit Kanan finished me Nikosha rohoo Rohooo weeeh

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About Kadogo

Album : Kadogo (Single),
Release Year : 2018
Copyright: 2018, ROCKSTAR AFRICA
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Dec 14 , 2018

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