NASTY C Zulu (Mixtape) Album Cover

Zulu (Mixtape)

Album by NASTY C

Release date: 2020-06-25

Label: Universal Music (Pty) Ltd.

About Zulu (Mixtape)

Nasty C & Dj WhOOkid Album Zulu (Mixtape) ,  Release Date: June 25, 2020 featuring Dj WhOOkid.  The album has special appearance and features  T.I, Mishlawi and Crowned Yung. The album has 11 tracks which include, 1.POETRY (feat. T.I.), 2. Nasty C and DJ Whoo Kid - WE MADE IT, 3. U KNOW WHAT IT IS (feat. Mishlawi), 4.PALM TREES Nasty C and DJ Whoo Kid, 5. SCREETCHED (feat. Crowned Yung) Nasty C and DJ Whoo Kid, 6. EAZY by Nasty C, 7. HIGH KEY - Nasty C and DJ Whoo Kid, 8.STEVE HARVEY - Nasty C and DJ Whoo Kid, 9. NOT THE SAME - Nasty C and DJ Whoo Kid, 10. I'M SORRY- Nasty C and DJ Whoo Kid, 11. THEY DON'T (feat. T.I.) Nasty C. .

Zulu (Mixtape) Album Tracklist

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