OMAH LAY Get Layd (EP) Album Cover

Get Layd (EP)

Album by OMAH LAY

Release date: 2020-05-22

Label: KeyQaad

About Get Layd (EP)

Nigerian artist Omah Lay releases new EP  Get layd  Ep on May 22, 2020. Get layd EP is a debut Ep and the tracklist has 5 tracks. The tracklist include Track 1 - Damn, Track 2 - Lo Lo, Track 3 - You, Track 4 - Bad Influence and Track 5 - Ye Ye Ye. 

Get Layd is the most streamed album on Audiomack, with more than 20M views upward. Get Layd is a mixture of Afrobeats, Afro-fusion, and chill music. It's produced by Omah Lay & El Jack

2020 (KeyQaad) exclusively distributed by Dvpper

Get Layd (EP) Album Tracklist

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