English Translation For Kaka Tuchati by ROSTAM

(Tongwe Records)

Oooii I the network has issues
You are very quiet or is something broken
And you'll be alright this round
And btw can't you make it without me?

I'm like Jay Z, when are you coming back?
Brother here have closed the borders
But the ticket I booked to return before Easter
Come back you change the knife or 
The son who seeks the son who finds
This round there is no getting sad , bridge in between

Its dawn here, what's the time there, tell me
I woke up topped up bundles waiting for Umi teacher
She is putting efforts, that  sister
I've respected Tanga they have provided pineapple sanitizer
When yo sanitize, you smell nice

Hehehe Corona,  in Bongo everyone is a doctor
Masai boiled papaya juice and drank it with sugar
Touch even the mask is washed I don't know who taught it
Here there is a sister who got the demons while quarantining

Lets put politics aside you know the economy is going down
It's not Bongo only even overseas people have closed stores
Here I am thinking of accomodation money
The bank borrowers are regretting
If we say we stay inside, we will die of hunger

The situation is scary and the poverty, we are suffering
It is better that you die of AIDS 
At least you will write a legacy
So there is no partying and having fun
Bro, the disco's habve closed
They aren't entertaining anymore

Lord of lords God of gods
Alpha and Omega nobody like you
Lord of lords God of gods
Alpha and Omega nobody like you

Which province or United States you live in?
How do you protect yourself from so many deaths
Until I don't believe it (Mmmh)
Or have you returned you're in Horohoro 
You sir leave me let me take chloroquine

You've reminded me is Chloroquine is a medicine?
It is still under investigation but has not been confirmed
Although if you drink it does not endange
That is why they still share it
I am drinking because I touched my face before I washing hands

Can you have it and show no symptoms?
Yes! You're right, and the other thing about this is that
Corona patient may not recognized with the eyes
So whoever you see give a distance of two meters from you

And this Vansleka what is it bro?
It is a ventilator, it is a machine like the outer lungs of the body
Mmmh I didn't understand tell me about this
Ive heard they are so expensive 
Even Muhimbili we want many of them

Okay, Corona virus is attacking the lungs
Then they start fever, chest then
You cannot breathe and the body needs a respirator
The ventilator absorbs clean air and releases the dirty air

We should avoid gatherings and stay inside
We have been told to spray ourselves 
This is a medicine do you think?
Wait first, this fumigation (Mmmmh mmh)
This kills the bugs (Hahaha quit joking)

Lord of lords God of gods
Alpha and Omega nobody like you
Lord of lords God of gods
Alpha and Omega nobody like you

The lonely life is stressful but the days pass by
That's your wife keep the ring
You shall finish it with all certainty
But pray no need to be regret

But as far as I know you 
Have you not cheated for the past six months?
I'm really honest though the rooster crows
Ivan' mother is uneasy, are you sure she doesn't cheat?
There is a Yanga player I see him pass by

I will cut him with swords, kill him and bury him
Oyaah give my family money to spend
Where do I get? And no shows these days?
The situation has been difficult 
With no money in every corner

Everyone owing you is blaming Corona
Why are they now closing schools 
And colleges and the bar is not closing
How will a parent look after the child 
And if he or she returns they are drunk?
Police in India beat people who are over-crowded

They don't have shells, know the defender is stuck
Now they gather to tell us not to gather
But the nurses are very dedicated, may God reward them
Opponents you announce the deaths of survivors 
But do not announce the recovered?

Ah-ah they say they would keep the statistics clear it would be a generation
So no lockdown then did you see the text I sent?
Where in the group, I can see it in the inbox?
I'm hearing (What?) 
For where you are, don't talk too much
Even the papaya has Corona dah (Bro let's chat)
How does goats have it? (Eh eh bro let's chat)
The body is numb (Bro let's chat)
Okey my son, lets keep quarantining

(Tongwe Records, Bin Laden)

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About Kaka Tuchati

Album : Kaka Tuchati (Single),
Release Year : 2020
Copyright: (c) 2020
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: May 09 , 2020

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