English Translation For Maajab by MBOSSO

Nana and naa
 Naa nana naa and
 Naa nana naa and
 And I am nana

 The same thing
  hold on, let him block his head
 Wallah has given me, he deserves praise
 The whole room smells, the taste is fragrant
 Fingers I manage, on the brink I am brought
 He cleanses me physically, with running water
 Yendo coach and teaches me to play shelves
 He knows my stomach, with cloves
 When I get tired he throws me to the ice
 Wonderful wonders, his wonderful lover
 Wonderful wonders, his wonderful companions
 Chest rubs on my chest, palms rubbing
 I'm hungry aah
 The bed spills flowers,
 Other than the particles I didn't know.  hanitoa samba aah uuuh
 And what shall I ask of Him? Ask Me for it
 Whether you own or own it, choose yourself eh
 I would drink his spirit, drink and drink
 Shega things are her own, yes
 Make friends like the magazine they read
 Let's just keep the sails on the harp and strike them down
 It's all nourishing
 Sunflower charts are a no-no, so we can cushion our cement lips and sew them
 He bathes my body with running water,
 He is a coach and he teaches me to play shelves
 Do you know the belly of the crab, with the oil of the garlic,
 When I get tired he throws me to the ice
 Wonderful wonders, his love wonders
 Wonderful wonders, his wonderful companions
 Ayo laizer
 Safferers do not smell sweet, they give me a sweet sweetness
 The flesh of desire, the battle of the day.  it doesn't hurt
 I was blindly fed to the farmer.  it doesn't hurt
 I am given as much as I want.

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About Maajab

Album : Maajab (Single),
Release Year : 2019
Copyright: (c) 2019 Wasafi Records.
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Jun 15 , 2019

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KARE LEON 2019-05-27 23:19:29

My all time fav...His voice

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