English Translation For Inatosha by MARIOO

Even if you love pure water let me wash
 For they are come unto me;
 Although I love it, I'm satisfied
 For every minute, It is obeyed
 Fucking your eyes up, I wait to cry eeeh
 Like kinda missed mom eeh, Mayee
 But the problem is not the respect, even to most of them
 Fellow love the desperate eeeh, Lust eeeh

 Let it remain a historical fact, though it is not pure spirituality
 And what to cling to, and to lose
 And I do not say that I will hate you, though you do not want to
 And why look around I look

 Enough Is Enough
 Enough .. Enough

 It's that heart machine, I'm sure you'll heal
 This situation is not permanent, I'm confident you will recover
 It's that we're made to forget, I'm sure I forget
 This situation is not permanent, Ntak forgot
 If the objection is not failed, OK I have no choice
 Although it troubles me, it will make me sick
 Sand on the belly button, On the belly button

 We let it remain though it is not pure spirituality
 And what to cling to is a losing business
 And I'm not saying I hate you, though you don't want to
 And why look around I look at this?

 Enough Eeeh Let me deal with my situation
 Enough.  Ahaa Pubs plant climbing busi
 Enough Mmh You Will Kill Me
 Enough Aah Mmmh You will kill my fellow mie, Enough

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About Inatosha

Album : Inatosha (Single),
Release Year : 2019
Copyright: (c) 2019
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Jun 05 , 2019

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1383 2020-04-24 17:49:10

I like it that song doo wauu



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