English Translation For My Boo Remix by HARMONIZE

It's a freak, a civilization
A graduate of the charity course
I love him dont hurt me
His dear pets

 It's a wonderful doctor,
 Magistrate of wills cases,
 he holds the remedy for my pain in my heart,
 And that's why I'm with her and I also call her

 My boo,
 the sun is my breath
 I am jealous of you
 Living without us is a struggle
 coz your ma boo

 Boy either give u a sweet sweet love anytime anyday hey ur ma boo
 Boy i wont turn you into a toy coz you make me say hey ur ma boo
 I love wen you make me sing a song 4 u
 I love you make me bounce along with u
 No matter wat they say, its gonna b okey
 Ur ma baby lets fly away, we just gotta pray its gonna b ok
 Ur ma baby m ur lady
 No matter what they say it's gonna be ok
 ur ma baby lets fly away we just gotta pray its gonna b okey coz ur

 Ma baby boo, it's just mine
 you and I wat we hav iz true
 And that's why I'm here and calling you,
 yes ma baby boooooooo
 chorus till end

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About My Boo Remix

Album : The Return of Chilla (EP),
Release Year : 2019
Copyright: (c) 2018 WCB WASAFI
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Jul 23 , 2019


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Riziki nash 2019-10-21 19:19:40

Harmonize I believe your job ,keep doing like that don't give up I know some people that can do something wrong about you but don't worry, life is too short. did the job respect each other and then the rest I can say thank you for your good job. All the time I enjoy your music.

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