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Love Somebody Lyrics

Love Somebody Lyrics by ADRIAN LOCI

So let me talk to you my son, come back come on home
Your momma misses you she wanna spend time 
And talk about you and your brothers 
We know you got work to do 
I mean those whatevers you doing put us in your schedule 
All she wanna know is are you okay?
Under pressure thinking that you going through some things 
You ain’t talking, late nights 
Red eyes looking like you trynna crack a nut 
Can you open up man 
I’ve been looking through your profile just to check up on you
See your status sometimes feel like nobody’s for you
Images of Angelica girls alternating time to time I hope its not that
Are they really for you yeah, you don’t need that pressure
Bout to end up in a ditch little man forever stay focus on you
I was ơn my cell phone when my daddy said to me

Forget the ladies with the make up
All you need is a girl with a beautiful Soul
They ain’t really pretty in the inside 
It’s just gotta be whole lotta ones to choose from 
But you ain’t gotta love somebody No no no no no
I know i’m not supposed to tell you who to love but
You, gotta love somebody... who helps you

I’ll be at the house tomorrow morning 
Im grateful for the concern you raised I’m not sure how I wanna
Tell you, if anything should keep me cool if I am bitter,  the liquor 
I drown in it with a couple of ninjas you don’t understand me
With due respect didn’t wanna visit cause hustling mummy 
I see a place that I can get to I just need to man up
Outchea the world is never promised 
But I go after it I fly my flag in public
I got bigger dreams, I gotta wake up just to live it
A four storey building in my head a gotta live it
You believe in me, and its okay I got your strength in me 
No other but you got me here,  no other but you

It’s never been a worry bout the make up (Yeah)
Got a beautiful girl with a beautiful Soul (Beautiful soul)
And she very pretty wait and see her
There can never be another where she come from
Momma me I love somebody Yeah yeah (Love Somebody)
And she love me back Ma I love somebody (Uuiih)
I thought I should love somebody who loves me

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About Love Somebody

Album : Freewill (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : © 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Dec 20 , 2021

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