English Translation For Njiwa by WILLY PAUL

Wily wily wily willypozee
 And nandy dandy
 If you are going to look for landing
 On a tin or flower garden
 Tell her I love her bothering me
 Tell her I love her though it pigeons
 Send greetings my greetings
 And I have a scar I see the clouds
 Star wars moon dizzy
 But it is not the righteousness of God
 I have looked at dating I can say I am a demon
 Tell him I can't ohhhh
 Where are you
 Dove pigeons
 Tell her it's not just food or water I don't drink
 Until he sends people to Jose Mbilinyi
 And his statements just cut me off
 He plays three cards even if you believe me
 I have looked at dating you can say I am spooked
 Tell her I can't come early and give me medicine
 I've looked at dating you can say I'm a member
 Tell her I can't come early and give me medicine

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About Njiwa

Album : Njiwa (Single),
Release Year : 2018
Copyright: ©2018
Added By: Trendy Sushi
Published: Feb 12 , 2020

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