English Translation For Top Form by NYASHINSKI

Throughout the year there is no show
What do you want? (What do you want)
How to cookie rent does not matter
And I'm a parent of things I don't need
Things I don't need feel stupid
So I don't know what music you need
Briefly down the system
I'm so high you can't imagine

Where do people want me to give up?
I myself wonder this row
I know how it will go?
The first thing I did was to budget for the budget
I don't care how many grams of those pictures will come out
Debt of suppliers
Grown men sa wanagwaya
Please also give me a chance to KEMSA hire them

Ulimjudge sa you call him mentor ju there is money for prostitution
The neck radiates and becomes a wire influencer
I have a phone call and you call me bash and I come and till
And an inaclash look with a lemon shape
And the people you trust are the people I respect
If there is cash I will hold the phone
Ka niko works nawanga machine
I pay the tax and pay the bill
That's why it's black and then it

These mayoungin 'wananeed mentorship
More than wananeed censorship
By street mi is an evangelist
Wanaserve tea mi naserve confidence
Success is not by accident
And don't focus ie on past events
And the rulebook sun just must ibent
And goodbooks are not I don't judge me men

For the top 3 mi is number 1 2 3
Ofcourse this city has love for me
And this approach is something like destiny
Masoftie are so loud

I don't even see you
But it doesn't get late in the evening on huniskii on the radio
This is news and even glasses
Still with binocular I still don't see it

Paid my dues, for lifestyle socials is headline news
There should be no jam nilkiheadline shows
Grown ass men complain like hoes
Ku sign artists no no deadline bro
I'll do it when I do it

Throughout the year there is no show, let's stop it
Only Kilimanjaro will pass this highness
Either collabo between mi and South C finest (R.I.P)
Even on the terrace you will find me with a designer

Let's finish them
Only Kilimanjaro will pass this highness
For my people I do whatever I can ...

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About Top Form

Album : Top Form (Single),
Release Year : 2021
Copyright: (c) 2021
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Apr 09 , 2021


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