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Who Is Laycon Lyrics by LAYCON

Hey, It’s Conny Sir
Who is Laycon, who is Laycon
Who is Laycon, who is Laycon

I am a god in a human body
No you will never stop me
I’m taking the mantle from anybody
Sorry I’m never sorry

I am the guy who could rap anyhow
Drop beat any flow I Dey float anyhow
Sing Song anyday tear notes anyhow
Shey you see the way the boy compose anyhow

Who is Laycon
I am a god in a human body
Take it or leave it you’ll never stop me
Grew up In Lagos I’m never dulling
Grew up in Music I’m Micheal Jackson

Came with a song and they all ignored me
Who is Laycon now Dey don Dey ask me
Who is the boy that made Monday fun
See everybody don Dey wait make Monday come

Yo my knowledge is wavy Im bringing anomalies
Rappers Dey play me for learning see
Even the singers you hyping Dey jealous me
Of course I’m different that’s what I’m saying since

So what are you offering
I am offering a number of things those
Other artist not close, see flows
Handing out the free smoke this is my covenant
Straight from sango

So who is Laycon
I am the Upgrade of the short black boy 
That you know only thing is 
I’m mixed and it shows combination of hova
Singing the roc boys anthem in vernacular down at Kalakuta 
Forget the hype just give me mic and watch the process
If I no Dey burst your brain then you no get

Who is Laycon
Na me be Guy for the girls dem
Na me dey do the issue for the girls dem
Pulling up and cruise with your girlfriend
Your girl wants to come with her girlfriend

Me I’m still committed to the girlfriend
I’m the best friend to every girl with no friend
Every girl wants to be my best friend
Cause I’m a nice guy, fine boy and I get sense

Wait, Who is Laycon
Laycon is a corporate guy
Suit and tie, fits well
Representing your brand
Everything goes well My Image HD, everything show well
The package HP, everything go well
Intelligence, too deep, that’s why I know well
Profits on Profits never do loses
I’ve been with the Governor talking to bosses

Who is Laycon
Laycon is god is in a human body
Laycon is a rapper, a singer, a brother to many
A son to a goddess body
Enough introduction Life is a gamble
Bet on Laycon and you’re making a fortune
Even the odds they may stack up against me
Seat down and watch how I stake up the mantle

Who is Laycon
Laycon is go getter
Only talk about real bigger figures
Highest earning rapper big future
Only stay underground for the gold diggers
Only stay on the gram for the real picture
Shot up the chart with a song feature
No stick ups
Hol up I told ya
It’s been like forever
Looking for me, the waiting is over

I am Laycon

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About Who Is Laycon

Album : Who is Laycon (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Oct 07 , 2020

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