Memory Lane Lyrics by ROTIMI

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks
We are so proud of you, Ro
Dad and I
How glorious are the feat of those who bring good tidings
From your mother's womb
You were chosen to speak to many generations

Yeah! I got this two door coupe and this brownstone stoop
In my bank account, there's a parachute
And the amount big enough if this shit don't work out
It's clean, but I got it from the dirt now
Off to college, '06, selling mixtapes out the dorm
In Mazda, no tints with a bitch that keep me warm

I was broke as shit, niggas tryna pass classes
Me, I'm on the L to the city tryna cash in
In the Chi', I was never shy
No, I ain't had shit, but I was still that guy
Twenty-three below out in front of GCI
Tryna get my shit some plays, spread my wings so I could fly
Graduated, but still tryna make it
Gotta make these ends meet, but my pockets naked

I can't take it
Then my mans, he told me I should audition
Because time in front the camera might help me make a living
So I did it
Didn't know if I would get it
But I walked off in that room and I read a couple sentences

God was in there with me, all I had to do was finish it
Went in for commercial and I came out with a meal ticket
No acting class in my past, but I still get it
Wasn't looking for a lick, but I still hit it
God showed me the light when I was lost
Gotta shoutout Kelsey Grammer, he helped make me a boss
I took off

Ooh! I had to choose
Whether to win or lose
And look at what it turned into, yeah
Look at what it turned into, yeah
Look at what it turned into (Damn)

Show cancelled, so I'm headed to Atlanta
No whip, but I'm dreaming 'bout a Phantom
Came up so fast, didn't think that we would lose it
That fell through, guess it's back to the music
Then I met my nigga Quise back in 2012
We was both young dreamers tryna figure out ourselves
Came across James Foye, now he better known as Keyz

That's my nigga forever, we did some shit you can't believe, yeah
2014, we had a crib, it was a vibe
We ain't had no furniture, but still was sitting high
Hookah on the coffee table, Chinese food and bottles
Way before the 'Gram, we was bagging Insta' models
I'm not a gambling man, but had to bet on myself
Booked a flight to LA, I was in debt to myself

Hoping that when it's over I'd have a story to tell
I should be in the W, but I'm in the motel
For three weeks straight, all that I could do was wait
And keep my faith, thank God it was free to pray
Phone ringing, I hopped straight up out the shower
And they said, "Congratulations, Ro
We want you for Power", I took off
Congratulations, we want you for Power (Took off)
Phone ringing, I hopped straight up out the shower
I took off

Ooh! I had to choose
Whether to win or lose
And look at what it turned into, yeah
Look at what it turned into, yeah
Look at what it turned into

He asked you to be faithful in His mercy, told you to praise Him
We remember you singing "Higher Ground" in our little church
One line in that song reads, "Lord, plant my feet on higher ground"
God has been with you through the maze of your life's journey
It hasn't always been easy, you know
You had full exuberance

And through it all, God has been faithful
Allowing you to stop and take stock
So, real realize destiny
Your journey from Columbia High to West Northwestern
To manhood is gloriously unfolding new heights
We are grateful to the most high

Who is forever faithful and true
Dad and I are so incredibly proud of you
Soar like the eagle you are
Roar like the lion you were made to be (Woo)
You will humbly serve, with wisdom, your God
I had to choose, I took off

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About Memory Lane

Album : All or Nothing (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Aug 28 , 2021

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