English Translation For I Miss You by RAYVANNY


You are still angry, you still hate me
You are still frustrated
Your heart is pounding, you are still buying me
You still have a headache

Say better let's get rid of it
That statement hurts me
Whenever I remember 'don't look for me'
I did not know I was throwing stones at the plane and it flew away

I said angrily, I see you regret it
Do not insult me
Do not delete my other number

We do not like to hate each other
I get sick every time I remember the past
I'm not talking to each other
I know for you it is impossible impossible

But I want you to know
I miss you baby (I miss you baby)
I miss you (Aah ...)
I miss you (I remember you weee)
I miss you (I want you to know)
I miss you (I remember you ...)
I miss you (I remember you baby)
I miss you (Oooh ah iyee)
I miss you (I want you ...)

Aah ... Aah ... Aah ...
He said selegogo love is like a plant
It does not reduce cassava, where there is no fertilizer
We, they won small, even defensively
The shouts went off, and the trunk disappeared

The intention of my heart
You filled the myrrh
Let me apologize to my partner
Your gap is closed

We continue with the pastoralists
Kina Sidika and Huddah
What a thirst, ooh

But notice if I finished the book
We share the same meat size
We do not like to hate each other
Even though I know, God has protected me with a lot
And I'm not saying let's get back together
But know that when I broke it I did not build
And I am safe

I miss you (Oooh hey)
I miss you (We niache)
I miss you (I'm doing just fine)
I miss you

I miss you (I don't miss you no no no ..)
I miss you (No no no no ...)
I miss you (Hey)
I miss you (Aah ...)
I'm doing just fine hey


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About I Miss You

Album : I Miss You (Single),
Release Year : 2022
Copyright: (c) 2022 WCB Wasafi
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Jan 15 , 2022

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