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Woah, Woah Lyrics

Woah, Woah Lyrics by PRIDDY UGLY

Woah, woah
Find me rollin' up the leaves
So I'm smokin' on these trees like, woah, woah
I am way up out your league
So get up off my D like, woah, woah
We been stuck in the streets
Busy duckin' police like, woah, woah

My bitch loves Coco
Man, my bitch love Coco, Chanel
Like coco, she smell
She drive me loco as well
Photos so well

Hot, but she stone cold as hell
She a W, she won't hold an L
Well, she respects the bro code as well
Me and her like Bo' and Michelle
Like Hov and his gal
She copped Manolos for real
At Polo, she copped the whole shelf
No, no

Don't go to popos to tell
No bro, don't phone my cell
Guns go off, but I don't own the shells
She's over 21 and she don't know Adele
(Let's hear that...)
She don't need no promo to sell
She designed her logo herself
Three shades of melanin, like bo Modiselle

Woah, woah, yeah
Find me rollin' up the leaves
So smokin' on the trees like, woah, woah
I am way up out your league
So get up off my D like, woah, woah
Still stuck in the streets
Still duckin' police like, woah, woah

Yeah, my bitch love Coco
B - 'cause you're black and you're beautiful
A cutie from your booty to your cuticles
I - intellectual, intelligent, intrigued by my angel cause she's heaven sent
T - you are totally talented, your body is the temple I've inhabited, thanks
C - girl you're a character, credit to your mama 'cause she carried ya, facts
H - hectic, hectic, head on your shoulders what you blessed with, blessed with

My ex a little older and she's less impressive
I told her it was over, had to text a message
I hate calling the women 'bitches', but the bitches love it
If you put 'bad' before the 'bitch', then the sister covered
My bitch love, cocoa, butter
Oh so, smothered
I won't hold no other, woah, woah

Said my bitch love coco
Woah, woah
Woah, woah
Woah, woah


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About Woah, Woah

Album : Soil (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jul 30 , 2021

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