Soil Lyrics by PRIDDY UGLY

(I feel like this is gonna be the one)
I know some Cali dudes that wanna move to Cape Town
Their ancestors are the Africans that they clown
Stay proud, in the States where the slaves found
It's the same crown if you black or a shade brown
See, murder is the case now

Bullets on our back, in the soil where our face found
Lay down, mama's cry is not a safe sound
The motherland is now the colonisers' playground, mh
I know some dudes from New York that wanna move to Jozi
Or Pitori, sibonginkosi, namadlozi

Askies I'm sorry, lose your life for a Courtleigh
Opikopi, the other side of the story
Befriend a tsotsi, that's advice from my toppie
Protect your koppie
If you toffee or coffee I'll tell you for free
There's no bosses of all streets
You ain't gotta ball just make you got the floor seats (eGoli)

Yeah! I know some ATL girls that, really love Durban
She love her Maxhosa just the way she love Birkin
Play Nasty, see her in the club twerkin'
Celebs in the light, in the dark it's thugs lurkin'
Lesson one: It's not the drug it's the person
Lesson number two: Remember love's not perfect

Homie don't you ever think a glove's not worth it
Your soul ain't clean, know a scrub's not workin' (Ayy)
Know some UK tings who got friends in Soweto
They from the ends, you can end in the ghetto
Look through the lens you pretend you a scarecrow

Tryna spend M's on a Benz where your revs go
Tryna transcend what we meant for
Amen, all the young men need a mentor
I pray, all the mandem comprehend more
Water your seeds, my friends see the stems grow

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About Soil

Album : Soil (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jul 30 , 2021

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