Rap Relay Lyrics by PRIDDY UGLY

Yeah, ya, ya
It's a marathon but if you tryna race 
Just know that I'm tuned better
I never stayed in my lane, I learnt to move clever
Never lose, ever
Few eras fused together
Like if Satan had a twin, I am two hella
You lose feathers
I got the stripes to herd a few zebras
A killer with the raps, I murder whoever
Leave your crew severed

Group pressure got your dudes measured
New header on a newsletter, where your crew end up
Blood ain't thicker than cheese, I'd rather ooze cheddar
If love is makin' you bleed, you gotta choose whether you pursue pleasure or choose leisure to soothe pressure
Consume better cause life's really the true treasure

Fuck a zoom lecture
We rebuke and refuse lesser
Why they had to go and shoot Hector?
Politicians the new Jesters, they loot tenders
These lieutenants abuse tenants, yeah
These goons move too reckless
Remove your spoof necklace

Spooned sheep starve soon as they lose shepherds
To shrewd leopards, who chew separate
The school lesson
These goons need platooned efforts
Who dressed ya? That suit texture is bootlegger
My hue fresher, more Hugh Hefner
You more like Cruella
Kaitlyn was once Bruce Jenner

This new era, you can assume a new gender
Two stepper
Supreme sneaks got renewed leather, yeah
I am all the fruits and my whole juice fresher
Chilly from the roots like my flow grew pepper
Africa the true Mecca!

Yeah, Fetsa ho fofa out of Makazana
Majita ba bolayana ba di yana like Stone Cold or Brock Lesnar
Memoirs of the ntariana
The mpahla Italiana
Talking numbers with my cousin Sol Kerzner
Demigod, this new Mecca
I'm through heckling
If broes hiding from the hiding
Then we going Mister Hyde no Jekyll
My tooth metal, my hue's Nubian

Just left the dunes, my platoon ba bitsa maak en doen
Tutankhamun out the tomb
Black Ras Agul
Gqokile lezaza like Khuli
Look to the moon when I'm ghoulish
Two number foolish
Remimnton Gold echta Fuuu
Rap niggas fufu like food, fufu fugazi

Rats just like Gundi no Mazwi
Maza last week in a Mazzi
Talkin' the Rati
Espi I need me a Rari
Two ntsingiling ende e starchi
Grasshopper khakhi
Indoor smoking indoor patche
Vigile hop bakakati
No bathakathi
Tell 'em ha ena khakhati

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About Rap Relay

Album : Soil (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jul 30 , 2021

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