English Translation For Mungu Pekee by NYASHINSKI

I dont know if I'll live to see tomorrow
But while I still have the power to do this
I will do it to the end,
tell the devil
that I don't fear Satan; God is with me till death
If I do see tomorrow, give me the strength and ability of youth
and wisdom of the old
Forever, it's You. Make me strong so they can't topple me
Now I see that everyday is a gift from God
So why should I be greedy?
The struggles eventually pass
and even if my enemies will join forces to hurt me, I won't be afraid of him
I'll stand firm, as their judgement is on its on way
That's the pace I move with
they wonder why I'm not stressed
I live peacefully without cases in court or debts
owed to my neighbours. I'm fresh: outside and in
I only fear God
If man tries to meddle ,Lord defend me
may their words not hurt me, make me immune
when they try to intimidate me, I pray for strength

I know you love me know you love me eeh
I know you love me know you love me eeh
So i dont fear nobody but you know i know
So i dont fear nobody but you know i know

Let me not shiver out of fear
I find it hard to believe that the way I am living my life,
Is not a dream, I don't know how tomorrow will be so
I'll do it today
In that a lot and a lot (So I'll do a lot and a lot more).
Even those who hate me
They respect me
I don't worry when I hear them talking, I just turn my head
And like time, i don't stop, i don't what to be left confused in the hood
At home lord protect the family
And also those of all the people who are hearing my voice
Give us good health and a good life
May our paths become straight, so they may see that you are king
(The one deserving of praise)

I pray we: Me and my people, we never die
Say we live forever and forever we multiply
And wherever we go: what can they tell me?
Even if I don't have anything, You are with me everyday
Everyday... Only You


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About Mungu Pekee

Album : Mungu Pekee (Single),
Release Year : 2016
Added By: Aleesha
Published: Dec 02 , 2017


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