English Translation For Kiza Kinene by NANDY

King on the beats

 The chaos has ended me
 Yeah, I've been talking to your boyfriend
 He didn't say no

 More annoying me
 I have become a stainless steel
 I'm on the rocks
 What bugs me in my kitchen?
 Fold in a cup once a plate
 See the water source at the well

 Oooh we sleep
 It may not have been my fault I chose to choose
 The remains
 I have added the grass to the grass

 It's free
 I passed the window to fight for it
 Ah father
 Then the bus is full and the door is there

 Can't see my witness (Dark green)
 Battalion witchcraft plunged into thick gloom
 Eat my gut (Darkening
 I miss the pillar on which I lean on the Dark Side

 Badly been trying not to diss you
 My colleague I had no issue partner
 Hope you're okay, my darling

 And have been trying not to miss you
 But when you go all my pain
 We my medicine, ooooh ooh

 What room does my room go to
 Once on the bed was on the shirt
 No, these are worlds
 It makes me miss peace

 Oooh we sleep
 It may not have been my fault I chose to choose
 The remains
 Surprisingly the ship is gone

 I'll tell you why they were here to give to others
 Can be assigned
 I have faelings though I can't

 They do not see my eyes
 Koroboi witch has plunged into thick gloom)
 Eat my gourmet Darkening
 It's never gonna be the same
 No No No No oooh Kiza kinene

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About Kiza Kinene

Album : Kiza Kinene (Single),
Release Year : 2019
Copyright: (c) 2019
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Sep 06 , 2019

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