English Translation For Sorry by HARMONIZE

I am an imperfect human being
Until the last day they will be healed
Don't forget Zuu is not an angel
Please forgive me

Your wisdom and gentleness as well
Obviously they can't be broken
I know they are not allowed to spill
Please forgive me

I finished the week
Home I don't know
Your phone is not working
Busy with friends

Why is it so clear how you tolerated me
Again worth more than a shilling
Obviously I can't resist
For I am a man
And it happens to slip

But I would look stupid
I would like a gram
I believe in God
I could not please him

Am sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry, sorry
So lonely lonely lonely, lonely
Am worried worried worried
Worried for you

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
Am worried worried worried
Worry worry, I worry, I worry
I worry for you

So please forgive me
Oh oh oh forgive me
Oh oh oh sorry
It is your fault

Recognize me, man, forgive me
I'm not perfect, forgive me
Oh forgive me, forgive me
It is your fault

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About Sorry

Album : Sorry (Single),
Release Year : 2021
Copyright: (c) 2021 Konde Music Worldwide
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Jul 21 , 2021


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