Okay Lyrics by HANNA

I needed it from you, I need you present
Coz lately you been actin’ kinda reckless with my heart
And it’s gon’ tear us apart
Is that what you want?
Girl, I don’t blame you for all of it
I get it, I fucked up too but, girl I ain’t never quit
That’s on commitment
I stayed consistent
You made it different
Switched up, played the victim

Okay, everything’s gon’ be okay
Coz I know you won’t stay
This love gon’ be the same again
You been actin’ kinda shady
And you just lost your baby

Got me reminiscing about you
You take it off and I’m loving the view
Just wanna go back, wanna feel that
But I know my heart, gotta stick to my truth
Yeah you, got love in your eyes
But it’s love for yourself, it’s the perfect disguise
A perfect disguise
Man I’m tired of repeating this shit, dealing with it
Pretending I’m believing in it
It’s all a game and, girl, I’m finished with it
Your charm and your with reminding me how you ain’t shit
Ooh yeah!
And I’m so fucking blind to it
And I’m so fucking blind to it
And I’m so fucking blind to it
And I’m so fucking blind to it

Okay, everything’s gon’ be okay
Well, at least that’s what they say, yeah
Just taking it day by day yeah
I know you want me but babe, yeah
I can’t go back to the place yeah
You put me in, I’ve escaped
You put me in, I’ve escaped, yeah

It’s like I see everything
I see the movie nights and the stupid fights
The first kiss, the love bites
I see the smoke session in the red lights
Where we took pics and then fucked right
And the playlist that you made me, still play that shit on a rough night
Push me to the side
I know you been missing me
I know you been feeling me, the shit that I’ve singing we,
Never got around to doing the shit that we said we should do
It’s running my mind ‘round now though
Wanting the times I’d go, all the way in you
Feeling your hand prints on my face
Loved how my hands sit on your waist
I wanted all you from the taste
We were in love
God knows I still love you
I could never put a thing above you
It’s a miracle that we ain’t fuck still
Well, not anymore, babe
We had it all babe
Sat on the floor smoking on hookah and trying to talk
Talkin’ ‘bout you’re everything that I ever needed
Shit took a turn now we beefing
We were depleted, the tolerance reaching
I never wanted to talk ‘bout my feelings
Girl you know damn well that wasn’t cheating
And I didn’t do enough? Then you just blew it up
If I knew that nigga name, girl, I would go shoot him up
That shit had me feeling like I ain’t good enough
Fuck it, I’m through with us
Fuck it, I’m through with us
Fuck everybody who did shit to ruin us

Okay, everything’s gon’ be okay
Never thought I’d be in this place
Everything’s so different these days, wooo, yeah
Someday soon I’ll be okay, wooo, yeah
I hope that you heal the same, ayy

Okay, everything’s gon’ be okay
Okay, everything’s gon’ be okay
Okay, everything’s gon’ be okay
Everything’s gon’ be okay
Everything’s gon’ be okay

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About Okay

Album : The Girl In the Durag (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Apr 27 , 2021

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