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Never Doubt Lyrics

Never Doubt Lyrics by HANNA

You can't prove to anybody that you're dope if you're the only person
That knows that you're dope
So you gotta put this shit you know what I'm saying
But I can't wait until your shit comes out bruh
Like I been telling people about you
I beeen telling people about yoh, like your shit is international dawg, like
And I really pray that you touch that market becuase
You have the potential to be world wide, you know what I'm saying
Like filling up shows in Saudi Arabia, and from Saudi Arabia going to France
From France going to LA like tha'ts where I see you, you feel me
But for everyone else to see it too, they gotta hear your shit
So I can't wait for your shit to drop

Never doubt the flow
One, two, three, never count the four
Y’all truly messed up, I don’t know
You can’t contest that I been dope
I seen my shine up in your eyes, maybe I’m destined for the glow
Now watch me get up in the rhyme, cause now I really need the dough

I was chasing homies, chasing the losers
Now I’m on the music, chasing producers
Chasing the listeners, chasing the viewers
Cultivate greatness so I’m chasing brewers
Too clean (too clean)
I just say fuck it and do me (do me)
Everyday someone new hittin’ me up telling me how much they wish they knew me
Can’t forget the reason that I started this
Wonder how my body functions when I put my heart in this
Education’s always pushing me like, “you should call it quits”
I can’t leave the mic alone, now I feel like part of it

I been high (been high)
I been low (been low)
I been off (been off)
I been on (been on)
I been right (been right)
Mostly wrong (and wrong)
I break down (break down)
But I’m strong (I’m so strong, I’m so strong)

This is the difference
This is what gives me the distance
To separate me from the rest of the crowd who be tryna do this but ain’t gifted
I knew this was me but I missed it
I saw what I had but dismissed it
I used to say no to the offers that came my way, scared that I’d fuck up this image
But, welcome to the new shit
This is the cool shit
This the bitch I’m a cow on my moo shit
This the politely ask a bitch to move shit
This the get all my homies on a cruise ship
Then forgive yourself for you mistakes and get over yourself coz we’re only human
This the flow that you wanted some more of so Young Metro know we booming


I can make a way (okay)
I can be the greatest (you tell ‘em)
I won’t fade away (okay)
I know these niggas hatin’ (you tell ‘em)
But I can make a way (okay)
I can be the greatest (you tell ‘em)
I can be the greatest (you tell ‘em)
I can be the greatest (you tell ‘em)

I can make a way (okay)
I can be the greatest (you tell ‘em)
I won’t fade away (okay)
I know these niggas hatin’ (you tell ‘em)
I can make a way (okay)
I'mma be the greatest (you tell ‘em)
I'mma be the greatest, ay

Never doubt the flow
Never doubt the flow

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About Never Doubt

Album : The Girl In the Durag (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Apr 23 , 2021

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