Thoughts Lyrics by CASSPER NYOVEST

I keep on pacing up and down the room
And I keep looking at this fuckin' rope
My mama text me sayin' "See you soon"
But will I make it? I don't know
I don't wanna die but, I also don't wanna hurt
Born to pot of gold but, still feel like I need to search, word!

Success ain't everything that I assumed, cause I feel lonely in these crowded rooms (Mmh)
Can't even tell if it's plastic or real
They love me but I feel inadequate still
I mean I try to stay focused and ignore it but the pressure will build

Will be ashamed if I don't set up my kids
I mean I'm booming right now but, how long is my reign gon' last? (Mmh?)
I feel like I'm one wrong step away from becoming the same old Cass (Mmh)

I don't wanna go back
Wanna move forward but I don't have all the energy
Especially when friends is busy siding with enemies
Thought you knew me better than all these made up analogies
How could I be happy when everybody is mad at me?

You could tell I'm lonely by all these memes in my gallery
Busy burning bridges when I should be burning calories
Wishin' that we all came with rechargable batteries
Wanna end it all but gotta think of my family


Now I'm forced to smile with niggas like Scoop (Mmh, mmh)
Who don't love me like they say that they do (Mmh, mmh)
I can see it in the way that they move (Mmh, mmh)
Niggas do you false and say they livin' they truth

Who got receipts for what a prayer do? (Uh)
You let me fall, that let me know that I'm unbreakable (Uh)
Your sink food, that let me know how that ate at you (Uh)
Come see my plate and all the shit they make me cater to (Uh)
It ain't no space for you cause I done been confined to it (Uh)

Ain't nothing perfect like my vessel if I fine-tune it (Uh)
Man I been thirsty than a bitch, been tryna find fluid (Uh)
I got a waterfall to find out that it's diluted (Uh)
I see the sun inside my sun so I been, super shaded but illuminated (Uh)

Can't do this self so I went super Saiyan (Uh)
My Neo-Soul can make it through the Matrix (Woah-woah)
Clear through my basement I been fumigated
This shit got me buggin' uh
I'm still the slave, I got a noose inside my stomach uh
My free shackles, turn the jewellery for the function uh
My self destruction look like something-something-something uh

And I fear God but tell the devil we could run it uh
Your inner beauty never paid you, truth is ugly huh?
I'm so confused I see the darkness when the sun is out
Yo tell the truth, when we meet you just see money huh?

It's been a minute since I fell in love
Been soul searchin', I been meaning to tell
Was unavailable, they needed my help
See I convinced the whole damn world to believe in me bruh
When I don't even believe in myself

I'm not as honest as you think I am, I'm just as filtered as your Instagram
I mean I'm really mean just with a bit of trickery
I don't trust a soul, I be like Mr. Bean
My spirit the reason people look up, sort of like Listerine
Scratch beneath the surface
No matter how I word it

Could never tell the truth to my fans, they think I'm perfect
I know I'm real, and I know I'm fake
Don't know my fate, but I know my faith
Tryna control my pace
Believe in God, and the pearly gates

So if I die, I hope my soul you take
I know that heaven is a stretch but I'm hoping that you hold my place
I know I'll make it, though I made mistakes
Father protect me when I walk through the shadows of the valley of death
With no fear of the darkness though I'm hearing the threats
When I walk through the shadows of the valley of death
With no fear of the darkness, say that shit with my chest

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About Thoughts

Album : A.M.N (Any Minute Now) (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : © 2020 Family Tree
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Sep 11 , 2020

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