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Gusto Pt.1 Lyrics

Gusto Pt.1 Lyrics by VAMPILLA

I post up Real G's
Who's always hanging with me
A shoutout to the OG's
Im talking real big crips
Slanging our mother language to a straight talk my nigga
This that sh** that seperates the old fake and the real
I made friends that endedup still back stabing me B
But made that bad behavior turn into a song like this one
I told sauce the other day i wana change my life
Tired of making lame excuses when it comes to my price
And lord knows im never perfect man but fuck my rivals
Trana diss me with em lame song like they be recycling
Taking verses from way back like a script in a bibles
They better pray when im rich i never make it in Jompton
It be like im trana prove em wrong with the same song but that be not what i want cause they scared catch caution
Yall better try harder
Cause that sh** juss gets me exausted and sleep is for the rich *
So please stop acting a bitch and reap.
Keep feeding the mind and smoke some weed or get high
Dont need no pills to sneak outside ma feels or just to get by
Reap what you sow
And stop wripping your jeans
Cause it be sad seing yall nikkas loosing yall dreams
I mean
Its straight facts from the realest supreme i couldve dropped a mixtape while i was searching for peace
Guess i wore my heart on my sleeve now i need a place to release it
For only does who admire me for being me
I want it all from the city and me though
Thats if we make it frankly good on the oceans of freedom and does words of my coloured bro nino

The only realest cat who stoodup for me though
Im not picky but thats what yall didnt know
Long live bro
Long live nino

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About Gusto Pt.1

Album : Gusto Pt.1 (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Teboho Sokopo
Published : May 31 , 2021

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