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To Whom it May Concern Lyrics

To Whom it May Concern Lyrics by CASSPER NYOVEST

(No Worry) Yeah! 

I think I'm getting used to this
Can't pretend that I am new to it
Trashing my name is very lucrative
Why are you running to the papers

There's no need for that kinda speed
Don't to act a fool boy I find that very Ludacris
They making threads about how hard I fell
But I'm still ouchea worried about you 
And I'm wishing Well

You was never really with us from the start I could tell
I've witnessed some of my best friends highlight my Ls
I've got my flaws, I never would pretend that I'm a saint
I realized that certain things we'll never see the same

We take it till we numb cause we ain't tryna feel the pain
I never called you out when you tried to cheat the game
I stood by you, and now you treat me like a bitch
See I could act like I don't give a fuck because I'm rich
We hide the pain with money, living all we used to wish
It's blue Chanel to hide the smell of the asses
We used to lick and kiss

Why the fuck did you like that post dude
Now I'm ouchea stressed cause 
I don't know how to approach you
Cause you borrowed me some money helped me out 
When I broke true

Indebted to your help but I don't know if I'm suppose to
Cause I've helped niggas too 
I was hot before they broke through
When niggas was confused, I'm the one they used to go to
When twitter was a mess, I'm the one you niggas spoke to
Now I don't understand what the saying I am Goku

I chose to, write it down and put it in song
I keep putting them on, they keep putting me off
They keep counting me out, I keep proving 'em wrong
Niggas wanted to beef Philippe Filet Mingnon it's on

I swear you extra back bones for niggas
I go myself I never pass on the mission
I gotta spell it out so Kats know the difference
Tryna go from blacklisted to black owned and listed
That's the dream, black owned and listed
We whyling our cause we never had doe my nigga
But we growing up building collectral my nigga
A visionary all of these rap flows are pictures
Tricky times, lost files for the profound

Corona free but I don't even wanna go out
I'd rather stay home cause the world is full of know hows
Well, a bunch of know he's who don't really know how
I'm seeking for the best version of myself
And to be honest I don't trust no one else

Cause everytime I went against the grain I won
But everytime I bet it on a friend I lost
Still I stand I lean on no man
At 16 I left like Lisa Lopez
Ne ke tlhola ke tshepa majita no nex
Dichomi ding nwela dipitsa oh well

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About To Whom it May Concern

Album : A.M.N (Any Minute Now) (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : © 2020 Family Tree
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Sep 11 , 2020

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