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Covid 19 Lyrics

Covid 19 Lyrics by BRIZZLE MAN

Sheybi na you talk say you no Sniper
Agbawoo mania
Agbawo mania aa
Fuck dem Gbe fun
Dem con dey rush us
We dey see watin dey happen
Na for Nigeria Covid 19 Coviidi 19
Corolla na him dem dey talk about oo
Omo Nigeria Gba Gbe oo
Boni oshen se le Sey ori ni oo
Emi kó no mo loo
Sheybi awon ijoba lo ni ki am duro si ile o
Them no send us any money o
Watin con dey sup now o
You con dey do anyhow
God punish Dem Who dem be
Fuck up o, fuck off
Government fuck up, fuck off, fuck off, fuck
What the fuck Covid 19 ni
Nigeria o na lie
Dem want use am chop money ni
Dem con dey talk make we stay for house
Dem no give money
Dem give us food oo
Dem no give light

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About Covid 19

Album : Covid 19 (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Tiamiyu Ibrahim
Published : Aug 27 , 2022



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