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Sok Sok Sok Sok Sok Sok Sok Solling
Na brizzle boy dey there ooo
Na brizzlemaaaaan

Sheybi brizzleboy lo wan be oooo
So many crazy wey dey happen
Sheybi Nigeria lon ti shele
Mi o sere
I no too dey play
Make you no say o too dey mean
I no too dey ooo
I too dey hustle everyday
Whenever I wake up I pray to GOD
I waaash my face and I wear my cloth
I put on my cloth ooo
I run to the bus-stop
To buk a bus wey dey go yana iba
Once I get to iyana iba
I go use leg wakaaa from yana iba
Till I go reach vooolks
Once I reach volks I go enter company
When I start this job I know watin dey xup
My blood dey flow like water
I work like a baboon
I work like jaaki
But why na Why na Nigeria ni gbogbo e tin sheleee
Why na Oun no ni won lo mi
Wo tun fee lo omo ti mo mu wa
He no supposed to be like that
Ni nigeria ooo trap leen jee
Trap Leen jeee Okay okay oo
Haaa yee yeee watin xup na na
Aaaaaa Nigeria everywhere na scam
Scam lo poo juu Gbogbo nkan to shele
Opor ooo Won o mo un ti won Lee shey fun won
Hmmmm ha aaaa

I saay na brizzleman
Na brizzleboy Na britian
I want to be the faithful boy
Wey no more safety I no dey laugh ooo
Everytime mo strong paari
All I was chasing is moneeey
Money on my mind No love ooo
I no too get dey time to love anybody
Except my parent my brother and my family
So make you no say we no get Time at all

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Album : Lifestyle (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Tiamiyu Ibrahim
Published : Aug 30 , 2022



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