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Adesewa Lyrics

Adesewa Lyrics by BRIZZLE MAN

Adesewa hmmm ummm
I'm here tonight with you
I really want to be your side every day
I don't just know what doing me
Cause na you dey for my heart
I really love you baby girl
And I want to be by your side forever
Anywhere I go dey go with you
Cause you are the only one I want
You are the only one I need
I don't need anyone by my side except you
Cause you are the only one that stand
Na you stay by me when the thing turn upside down
And I really appreciate you
I really love you gaan
I really do even i don't know what to say
Cause na you dey with Brizzzzle Man
Na you dey with me
And I promise you I will always stay by your side
I'm not gonna leave you no matter what going on
Just remember Ibrahim dey with you always
Although I might not see everything that is going on o
But I promise I will give you my support o
Cause you are the only one I need
You are the only one that stay
When everything turn upside down
And am using this moment to say I Love You
Adesewa aaa
Adesewa I dey with you forever
I dey with Brizzle Man
Anywhere you go I go dey follow you dey go
Anywhere you need
Anything you need I go dey do am with no regret
Cause na you dey for my heart And I know o
GOD will answer our prayer
Everything will be sweet o
So Adesewa just calm Just calm Just calm down

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About Adesewa

Album : Adesewa (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Tiamiyu Ibrahim
Published : Aug 30 , 2022



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