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    Colleen Tjikune, popularly known as Chikune, is a recording artist in the urban & afro pop genre from Windhoek, Namibia.

    Chikune started singing at the age of 6 at church and at home.
    In 2012, Chikune’s talent came to stand out significantly after taking part in various singing competitions and ended up competing in LA, USA at the World Championships of the Performing Arts, which earned her the title of Senior Vocalist of the World. As Part of the prizes of the competition Chikune received a demo project with Indasoul Music Productions in LA. The pursuit of her real passion, singing, landed her a recording deal with Namibia’s music label OgopaButterfly in 2014. Within the same year she released her first single ‘Pumpkin’ that was testimony of her vocal prowess and got her catapulted among the musically recognized. In 2015, the single ‘Pumpkin’ was awarded the ‘Best Single’ in the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMA).

    In 2015, she released her album titled ‘In With The New’ which was a fusion of Urban, Pop, R&B and Jazz and produced and mastered by Lucas Bikedo. The following year in the Namibia Annual Music Awards, 2016, both artist and album were recognized and Chikune was awarded the coveted ‘Best Female Artist of the year'.

    She is currently signed under the music label OgopaInc.

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