English Translation For Yuko Mungu by ALICE KIMANZI

God can make a way in the wilderness
And rivers of water in the wilderness
As he did in the spring and summer
He can change seasons as well as times

Dark totoro surrounded me
The rays have not reached me
It is still dawn, dawn
Faith, it went downhill
Peace also fades
Eloi lama sabachthani

There is a God who can
There is a God who acts
Believe Him, believe Him
You will not be disappointed

When it is heavy, the Lord will light the lamp
Because He is the almighty God
He will restore peace, he will restore happiness
What you have lost for so long will be back soon ...

When I fail, who will enable you?
(Only God, who can)
And in the battle, who can defeat me?
(Only God, who can)
When I am weak, who gives me strength?
(Only God, who can)
When I doubt, who will guide me
(Only God, who can)

There is a God, there is a God ....

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About Yuko Mungu

Album : Yuko Mungu (Single),
Release Year : 2019
Copyright: (c) 2019
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Published: Dec 23 , 2019


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