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Omari's Interlude Lyrics

Omari's Interlude Lyrics by ROWLENE

I'm flowing with a note they done given me
With that motherland in my throat like shinning up in me
Cape Town I been throwing down with a rope do they could lift me
But I woke in a frenzy
Had a nightmare my mirror was missing
Used to it being right there close enough for the light stare
Just to see what's up in me Truth or dare
Neither here nor there but I might get my wishes with NG
Clean them up with what I write here
And make sure they ain't stingy
11 11
Thank my scars the mic right there
Thanks to God he gave me enough to share
Truth or dare
From my lips to your ears
And to all who can hear my youth came with some tears
Walking smiling my boots came with some breaks and some tears
Romeo with my jewels like some Shakes with some Speare
Talk some miles til you cheer
I'm a prodigal child looking for my mirror
So I can follow my unborn child til he or she appear
I done paid for my dues
I done stayed for them booze
Closed my eyes until them picture perfect picture with a pen
On a stage with no rules
Pop a beer can then make a wish and eat my pain for thought
Then clean my dirty dish 11 11 take a wish
Use it like heaven on earth
I'm a fool with a sin
Mirror mirror where you been
I can use you like my skin
All them bruises covering life is losing while she win
Like a clueless musician
Like I'm Judas but I'm 10 then 11
Heaven and talk to God
No more selling him just guitars and shallow in to win
Then blow that shit hard
Likes it's a party time about to begin
Spit that hope like it's more than my in the end
Yeah I row my boat like it's forty nine til my mirror back again
11 11
Soon to see all the cracks in me my friend
Soon as y'all hear these tracks I needed man
11 11 until then

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About Omari's Interlude

Album : 11:11 (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jan 30 , 2021

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