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Make a Wish Lyrics

Make a Wish Lyrics by ROWLENE

Once I wished on a star
And my dreams came true true
On one stormy day the sky transformed
Out of the blue out of a grey
An angel appeared
Make a wish

I wish for you Rowlene that
The world sees your talent
And that you blow up like I always knew and I just really wish that
People all around the world can hear your voice
That's what I wish for you

Okay Row
I wish we gonna have Grammies
By the end of next yeah yeah

The thing I always pray for is definitely my sanity you know
So I wish for for everlasting sanity if that makes sensе

I have a wish that I wish I could be still
Find the innеr core me
Then the higher power which is my God

I wish for an overflow of success and prosperity in everything that I do

Make a wish
See if you really care for it add to list
I shoot for the stars and never miss
But there's no place like home
Look how I made it to the top floor
I finally got what I prayed for
Blessings coming down hard to ignore

You gotta stay grateful
Never been more faithful
Now look at what it came to
Hurdles overcame ooh okay boo
And I know it wasn't my personal
Weeks gone by since April
If you want I'll stay still
Don't shy away from the love you have for me
I know you really are the monster you pretend to be
And I always see us the best as we can be
And you love and you love and you know what to do for me
Make a wish for me

Oh oh
Ayy ayy ayy

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About Make a Wish

Album : 11:11 (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jan 30 , 2021

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