English Translation For Nakaza Mwendo by ROSE MUHANDO

I enjoy my suffering
 When you perish this body
 'We'll get another one for dad
 I stop my way to heaven
 I entrust life to the master
 I saw the beauty of the master
 Problems with no problems
 No thirst nor hunger
 Absolutely aah
 But the city is its lamp
 It's a lamb
 Forever the city doesn't need it
 Neither the sun nor the moon
 I know that my life is Christ
 Dying is an advantage
 But liars and adulterers
 They will not enter
 Those who worship idols
 They will not enter
 I know that my life is Christ
 Dying is an advantage

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About Nakaza Mwendo

Album : Nakaza Mwendo (Album),
Release Year : 2017
Added By: Trendy Sushi
Published: Mar 21 , 2020


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