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Diamonds Do (interlude) Lyrics

Diamonds Do (interlude) Lyrics by SHEKHINAH

Dialing you I, can’t get through I
Bet On you why
You don’t want nothing to do with me
So I helped you move out
Better move on you
There you go gone
Didn’t even buy me any jewellery

See I got better things to do
Then always puttingup with you
I got better things to do
Then always breaking up with you
Love is what you do
Love will make you moody
Love is what
Love is what you do only if you want to
Ooooh, ooh, if you want to

Look what you
Look what diamonds do baby

No more crying
Realised when you see I’m right here
You forget to try and

No more lying
Pay the price bae
To Keep smiling
You do what I say

Give me diamonds
Give me diamonds
Give me diamonds

Give me diamonds
Give me diamonds
Give me diamonds
That’s true love yeah
Ooh love

You know better
Can do you do better, ooh love
Even in the stormy weather
I need, I need proof love, proof
Ooh hope you love is true
You II See what your diamonds do

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About Diamonds Do (interlude)

Album : Trouble in Paradise (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : May 07 , 2021

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