Homicide Lyrics by SARKODIE

Darkness, darkness living in the light..light
 Darkness..darkness living in the light..light

This is kinda wrong but it’s feeling right (yeah)
My hommie say no but a nigga might
I wanna go soft but it’s kinda like
A nigga really gotta drop a dynamite
Maybe is about to be a homicide
B**** ass niggas be showing the phony side
Me ka me bo so asem a na me feeli fortified
Mo nkô checke numbers a me streamie wô spotify
Living legend , still king, no gimmicks
Still a me schoolie niggas, i’m killing it, no limit
Started in a gutter , I’m buried in a cold lyrics
M’ayè ne nyinaa , I ain’t got nothing to show niggas
This the return of makaveli , hold up
Talking to the devil on a celly
He said to me , i’m about to put you on a tele
But i want your soul , tell me any time you are ready
Nah bro , me twitwa ne nyinaa wô yesu din mu
The devil knocking on my door
Mo nse ne sè me nfii no
M’abrabô te sè methodist foô keyboard
M’abô A, m’abô B , afei na me bèboô C no
I di dit before , i’m doing again
You selling your soul but weytin you again
Now the devil wanna drive me insane
But one day the sunshine go come over the rain

Darkness… darkness living in the light, light
 Darkness… darkness living in the light, light

I know a couple niggas don’t f*** with us
But i ain’t got time for my side hoes
Nnamfofoô bebree ,bi yè seat fillers
 Trust issues , I can’t keep my eyes closed
Been to some dark places
Only got love for my sark nation
Ngosra no wô me so , so stop hating
 Mo nyèè ready sè mo ne me bèbô rat r    acing
Cos i’m blessed like a mother f***
Deè ôtan me biara no me hia no for last supper
Okukuseku, ônenam m’ase sè grasscutter
Fake niggas, a whole bunch of blood suckers
Me gyaa me hô kakra, family first
Nsèm a mo ka faa me ho , I’m really hurt
Mo de mo sika too so a nka m’awinne bet
Susu dwa w’anum na m’amè stoppe wo daily bread
Undefeated , ain’t nobody better than the bwoy
Deè ôbaa me nkyèn bè paa me kyèw no me maa no..alloy
Brè wo ho ase na me nbè disse ma wo adôyè
Sè me bô wo din a highest, bisa lavoy
Sè mo ratie rappers a fa me to fourth
Because teacher ni abaso koraa nyè nafè ne prof
M’adawge kush, boka name bètwe puff
Beef no m’agyae, nea m’ani gye ho ne pork
Ennyè adeè a me bèsi nsuo mu na m’aham
Baabi a ghana rap no atete no m’apam
Abokyi ,sè me botom we korao me wô nam
Rap nkoaa na wo pè dea me wô ne bam

I did it before , I’m doing again
You selling your soul but weytin you gain
Now the devil wanna go come over the rain


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About Homicide

Album : Homicide (Single)
Release Year : 2018
Added By : Afrika Lyrics
Published : Oct 25 , 2018

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