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English Translation For Yesu Karibu Kwangu by ROSE MUHANDO

Father father
 The cup I drank
 The judgment I have taken
 The suffering I have received

 The pain I have endured
 As you said to yourself
 I certainly drank it
 Oooh Halleluyah

 Welcome to me

 Eh eh eh
 Welcome to me

 Yes, Jesus
 Lord Jesus Christ
 I need you
 Welcome to me

 Dear Jesus Christ
 Lord Jesus, Jesus
 Welcome to me

 My pain knew Jesus
 Let my cry come to you, Jesus
 I call you closer

 Under the juniper
 I sleep in Jesus
 Suffering is plentiful
 I'm tired of Jesus
 I call you closer

 Comforter come
 The advocate is coming
 Sufficient to come
 My father will come
 I'll wait

 Yes, Jesus
 Lord Jesus Christ
 I need you around me

 Dear Jesus Christ
 Lord Jesus, Jesus
 Welcome to me

 Where is Jesus
 O Jesus Lord Jesus
 Welcome to me

 Come Jesus come Jesus
 Come to Jesus I need you
 Welcome to me

 Don't leave me Jesus
 O Jesus, I am near Jesus
 Lord Jesus I can't be alone
 Welcome to me

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About Yesu Karibu Kwangu

Album : Yesu Karibu Kwangu (Single),
Release Year : 2019
Copyright: (c) 2019
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Oct 12 , 2019


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