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English Translation For Kazi Iendelee by RAYVANNY

Let the work continue
Let the work continue

We cried and complained
Why did Dad leave, we held back
But God has not abandoned us, because you are a mother
Mmmh brave woman we are safe

Your smile is the power of the nation
You fight so hard I give you credit
From vice to today you arrived
The driver of our nation will deliver us

No house without mother eeh (Mother)
Will you compare her to who the mother is the mother (Mother)
Mama Samia we have faith in you (Mother)
Who is our Advocate? If not you

The sound of gentle leadership you know aah
You don't even know it but you realize it aah
God bless you mother we pray aah
Unless they surround you (Surround you) And you surround you ah ah

Hospital doctors, school teachers (Work indelee)
Protection of soldiers, citizens there (Work continues)
Boda boda bajaji mama nitilie (Kazi indelee)
Contractors drivers and factories (Work indelee)

Oooh stop!
Let the work go on (Let the work continue)
Let the work go on (Traders)
Let the work go on (Let the work continue)
Let the work go on (Let the work continue)

Let the work continue

“For those who have doubts
This woman will be able to be President
Of the United Republic of Tanzania
I want to believe that the person standing here is the President. "

"I want to repeat that he is standing here
He is the President of the United Republic of Tanzania "

Let the work continue
Let the work continue

(Sound Boy)

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About Kazi Iendelee

Album : Kazi Iendelee (Single),
Release Year : 2021
Copyright: (c) 2021 Next Level Music/ WCB Wasafi
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Apr 28 , 2021

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