Salute Me Lyrics by OCTOPIZZO

Never had to be here before the street lights all i ever know was the street life
Blow my hand while i cuddle dice
That's a gamble it's worth sacrifice.But i never stop dreaming that one day i be king
So shawty salute me president salute me first lady salute me kings salute me gangstas salute me hustlers salute me haters salute me namba nane baby
Ka ni beef come to minch ka ni nyama leta to eat ka ni umama kalisha clit
Kuna bash kam tu feast.Siezi kua acapella mtu wangu mki ni nyamazisha beat
One man band man Me hurapigi na heartbeat 
Beat nai murder producer anadai na heart beat
Ilianza ka jokes ata uliza Erick Omondi One day Churchill aka kuja kwangu akabisha hodi, so kila time niki go live me hu make manoti
God Mc wakiniona wanapiga magoti
Success haina shorty official si lazima koti
Kusota haina hobby mbio huanza na jogging
Ukichoka ka johny mtu wangu keep walking.
Never had to be here before the street lights, all i ever know was the street life
Blow my hand while cuddle dice
That's a gamble it's worth sacrifice But i never stop dreaming that one i be king
So shawty.Salute me salute me ice Prince salute me Davido salute me Wizkid salute me Burna Boy salute me Africa
Salute me Cause imma loser
I shot the game down and better reboot sir
I make my niggas rich i took my crew far
I drive a lot of dreams i gotta few cars
I got that driver niggas are stuck in neutral you need to shift gears
You need some rich peers i cant hear you niggas talking no more is like a switch ears.
What you working niggas though im on my fifth year
They like mambo vipi and im like sawa sawa I kill the shit 24hours call me jakabawa.
I must smoke weed i got the higher power
I got you niggas shook you just another coward
Im here with Octopizzo and we both official
Am so daily and fine nigga im almost omiscile
Cause shizzle my nizzle im izzle in Nairobi and only 

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About Salute Me

Album : Salute Me
Release Year : 2014
Copyright : ©2014
Added By : Trendy Sushi
Published : Feb 24 , 2020



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