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Luonga Gi Nyinga Lyrics

Luonga Gi Nyinga Lyrics by NYASANJE

I see you,I hear you,been studying you
Just the other day
You were all up on me telling me 
How if I gave you my love you would guard it

You'd safeguard our vows
But now you're playing,you're tripping 
You're ruining my love
Take a good look at me,am a fully grown woman 
In every form and shape 

Call me by my name,just call me by name
Baby,toto tuko wengi uwanjani,just call me by name

I hear nowadays people joking around loosely 
That there's no such thing as someone's husband
Mine is mine though,am a jealous woman
Don't try me like that

You be calling me baby, toto
Ushalamba sukari sasa wapanguza mdomo
Take a good look at me,am a fully grown woman 
In every form,shape and ways
Call me by name!

Then the chants!

My name is Nyasanje
Mama Kadenge or Alawo if you like
Grand daughter to Orito
A girl among many brothers
Don't you be calling me baby,toto,no!

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About Luonga Gi Nyinga

Album : Luonga Gi Nyinga (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jul 21 , 2021

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