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Sing My Song Lyrics

Sing My Song Lyrics by NAMELESS

 To sing my song
To sing my song
Me and my baby tumekua so tight
Tangu penzi lianze

Everything so sweet nice everything lovely
Unfortunately somethings changing recently
Ilibidi nitravel Nikitafuta salary
Now I miss her bad dint wanna leave her alone
 I never knew it will Take me longer but soon I will arrive
Hii kuishi mbali na each other haifai

Baby just sing my song 
Baby just sing my song
If you miss me
Please don't diss me 
Cause you can kiss me

When I'll be back we will run this baby 
Najua Kuna mafala mtaani hukusumbua
they need to try harder 
I don't know what you doing tonight

If you laying in bed and thinking of me just
Wear my clothes tonight and think of my song
Just sing my song

Baby just sing my song
If you miss me please
Don't diss me cause you can kiss me

Just sing my song
If you miss me please don't diss me 
Cause you can kiss me
You better not play around us we be better than others

Ihaji ...

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About Sing My Song

Album : Sing my song (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : ©Ogopa Inc 2020
Added By : Its marleen
Published : Aug 06 , 2020

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