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98 Lyrics by MAYESTRON

It was 1998, 30 July
The year of the warrior born
When I was three years old
My mama told me go to school
When I reach twenty nearly dropped out
Coz a lot drama keep going on my life
Tought if I stopped going to school I may live good life,
thought I may live the life that I've been dreaming for,
but I was good kid
I listened to my parents what they say
I never try to ignore anything
coz I know I'm good kid
y'all kid should stay in school
Don't try to do something stupid that gonna disgrace your parents,
I'm keep telling
Many kids keep think, think when they smoke weed
They can drag anybody down
That shit ain't non, coz I don't give a fuck what you do
Just gonna break you motherfuckin' arm and shout fuck up

Yeah I'm good... I'm okey
I thought when I reach twenty
 I'll be growing up,
Thought when I reach twenty I'll be growing up,
But when I call, twenty, twenty, twenty,
But when I call, call, twenty twenty, twenty four hoo!
Twenty, twenty, twenty two Eeh!

Hey Thought when I reach "twenty"
I might change new things (things)
Thought when I reach "thirty"
I might change new things (things)
Was born 1998 but never see no change
Discriminate keep growing up, everyday day per day (day)
I'm try to bring love, bring love to the world
I'm tryna bring love take hate down
I don't need no more hate, we just all need love
Life is bad,
Life is so complicated
I'm just trying to bring love that we needed,
That we needed, that we needed, that we needed Ho! ...

Hoo, I said when I reach twenty five
When I reach twenty five Ah.
Ha, twenty five, twenty five,
I said when I reach twenty five Ah.
Haa, twenty, twenty, twenty five Ah.Haa,
I said I'm still young,
I'm typing do things that something I ain't gonna regret,
yay, Oh.Oh.Oh, my life, me life, me life My life, me life Oh.


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Album : 98 (Single)
Release Year : 2018
Added By : Mayestron
Published : Jan 10 , 2019



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