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Scorpion Flow Lyrics

Scorpion Flow Lyrics by M.ANIFEST

Na ɛnɛ me nua panyin baako ti me nkyɛn
Star kɛsiɛ paa, ɛnyomtuni kɛsiɛ paa
Ɛka brɔfo diɛ, brɔfo mu rocks
Mia me nua M.anifest dɔdɔdɔtidɔ

I don’t walk around in the Philippines with the philistines
M dot, in any vicinity I fulfill a dream
No I’m not a rapper, I’m an ideas company
If you come for me ready for the guillotine
I’m making headway, heart race, I’m in a far place
Absolutely switch up like I was Barclays
38 special flow no dey talk our age
Godfather ting kiss the ring before we parlay
Of course I’ve been intrigued by the scene
I stitch and seam from the same region as Celestine (Donkor)
You see the lean on me bill withers woulda seen
Style of my own I don’t follow fashion I’m supreme
Custom-made studio one eighty nine (yeah yeah)
Art comes first that’s a weighty line (yeah yeah)
Test results telling me the baby mine
I’m referring to the new album u dey barb my mind? (saa saa)
See a new birth on the earth is inevitable
Highly spiritual when I flow in the physical
They say I'm difficult, ok did I mention you?
I protect my peace mek nobody tension you
Of course I mastered the masterstroke
The painting of this picture was tailor-made bespoke
I dey amaze these folks I teleport and coax
My future oughta gloat animal totem a goat
Feet in a hurry Sha’carri I move at high speed
Snap snap they chatty on stories I peep on IG
Why me, Balotelli adwen me bɛ sinn
Messi Messi ballon d’or, chop chaw till you bore
Leave them in awe, I think i saw a jaw on the floor
Told the apple of my eye money moves we dey job (bebe)
So I strategize with the guys it’s alarming (mmm mmm)
Man for dey evolve you know me Kwame Darwin (mmm mmm)
Madina boy bop, getting top feel alive and
Always pay my debts Kwame Amet dey like Tywin
I kept a log of my catalogue
Had me going whoa, rest in peace black rob
Black boy joy black penny Blak Cedi
We dey manage Black hought blacking out so illy
Same sign as future and drizzy you for dey feel me
Scorpion stings and tings i’m just the real me
Scorpion stings and tings i’m just the real me
What made me stronger chale coulda (nah)
Failure diɛ ɛyɛ krom ah yɛn kɔ hɔ (yɛn kɔ hɔ)
Bebia kosua busu yɛn to buɔ nkɔ hɔ (yɛn to buɔ nkɔ hɔ)
Sorry for the wait but it’s worth the wait
Mo nsa line medium well steak on dinner place
Joker and the riddler
Up on the roof is the fiddler
Only two rappers I know in… oh ok we for extend am (yeah)
Joker and the riddler
Up on the roof is the fiddler
Only two rappers I know in Africa
Madina to the universe lalalaa
Only two rappers I know in Africa
Me and nobody in particular

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About Scorpion Flow

Album : Madina to The Universe (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Nov 18 , 2021

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