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Chale I catch the Madina station
The market there. Mek I play (I dey play)
Back home
Right in the heart of where I belong

Dreamer from Madina
To be precise, New Road is the abode now I'm conquering the globe
I took a lonely stroll and it took a toll on me
I kissed destiny I think she told on me
I was chosen way before my heart was frozen
C-section baby, wasn't that an omen (No, no)
Give me a moment, give them the slogan
Madina to the universe on every verse
On the precipice of something monumental

It appears the ideas on the beat were instrumental
A long ride to get here, it wasn't accidental
Sake-of internet we're all intercontinental
Opinions dem plenty, empty is the ritual
Mek you go Twitter you can rent an intellectual
Fake individuals, charlatans don't laud me

Send my regards to those that didn't regard me
I'm an army, I'm a prince not from Saudi
You can rinse then repeat
I demand don't allow me
I'm convinced I'm the beast
So beauty is a fairytale away

Wo'nfeeli me diɛ you go feel a way
Wo'nfeeli me diɛ you go feel a way
Against United, adɛn dɛn na ɛha mo
Against United, adɛn dɛn na ɛha mo
Fufuo a edidamu wo ɛnuonyam sin angwa mo

No be play, information is the order of the day
I use the same formation whether home or away
Say a prayer, thank Jah that me deya
Aboa kɔtɔ ɔnka nso nin kyia ma ɛyɛ ya
Smooth fella so Fela, truth teller
Fruit seller if life gives me lemons

Back home
Madina to the universe!

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About Mttu

Album : Madina to The Universe (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Nov 18 , 2021

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