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Miss Understood Lyrics

Miss Understood Lyrics by LITTLE SIMZ

Don't stop
I can feel your pain
I can see your tears
So misunderstood
You're Miss Understood

I don't wanna be up, I been down for days
Laying in my misery, hoping sI'll be saved
Stuck in my ways, stubborn, I know it can't be changed
Living in isolation, attention I never crave
There go little Simbi from around the way
She wanted the credibility, never cared for fame
While the palette fades, release the colours of pain
It's a black and white world, still in the area GREY

(Don't stop) Looking back, was it all a waste of
Hand shakes and how-are-yous?
And what-you-been-up-tos?
And will-you-be-home-soons?
And when are you dropping again?
Sussing me out, secretly hoping I'm done with the pen
No receipts, can't return the gift I was sent
Everything I touch is felt with the purest intent
Conversations with you is causing resentment
Hard to accept the realness she said

(Don't stop) I been loving you freely
Back when you was broke, handing out them CDs
Tried to fall in love and you cut 'cause you need me
I told you give it up and you never believed me
Your obsession with me is with me has been your Achilles' heel
Feelings equals weakness, and that's why you bury yours
Understand you are just a vessel for the Lord
Lion heart, don't you feel the blessings in your paws?

Don't stop
I can feel your pain
I can see your tears
So misunderstood
You're Miss Understood

(Don't stop) Little misleading
(Pain) Little Mistaken
That's basic

For many days and for many nights
I just couldn't fathom all the fake stuff
Eyes wide open to fake love
'Cause no one's checking for you when you got it bad
And you're in the worst lowest place, still could never crash
Strong women bounce back and secure bags
Know it's in my DNA to only be great
Niggas trying hard to get the juice and I'm lemonade
I write words for a living and still can't communicate
Honesty is in my bones, I can't do the fake
Life's too short and I've seen too many tears
I've come too far for me to be consumed by my fears
Can't believe the space I'm in with my older sister
I left the global empire and now she thinks I dissed her
It weren't that, I just need to explore shit on my own
I just needed to figure out, hmmm
I probably let my anger get the best of me
When comes to family, see now, you testing me
You want my everything until there's nothing left of me
I just wanted you to call me saying, "Hey, sis
How's your day been?
How's your love life?
Who you dating?
Oh he fucked up
Girl, I had the same thing
But there's a bigger picture God is painting"
It's hard mixing family and business
I really wanted it to work and God is my witness

So misunderstood
You're Miss Understood

Don't stop
I can feel your pain
I can see your tears
So misunderstood
You're Miss Understood

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About Miss Understood

Album : Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Sep 17 , 2021

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