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Feelings Lyrics by LIONESS

Okay well
This goes out to somebody that (You know)
You’ve always loved
You’ll always love
This one’s for you

I knew you in my past life
I knew you were the one and I guessed right
I seen in it in your eyes when you look at me (ah)
I feel in it in my chest when we kiss 

Fast forward to our jubilee 
You look grown now fresh cut suited clothes 
On you’re in your zone and I think of you and zone out
Imagine, that we happened that other 
Nigga man I lost him to the ratchets

I’m here for the baggage 
I’m here waiting on you when busy trip around the atlas
I’m right here when you ain’t here
I’m here when you doubt the vision and it ain’t clear

I ride for baby 5th gear (you know dat)
How I love you man it’s cavalier (you know dat)
I open up the skies take you on ride
I be your heaven in a human’s disguise

Yoooou youuu know I got that feeling for you (for you)
Yoooou youuu know I got that feeling for you
Girl you know you’re my
You’re my sweet Muriro 

(yeah yeah ah yeah)

In your arms I’m the safest (yeah)
Took my broken heart on and your patient
Rooted issues you just want to get to basement/ figure me out
Silhouette silver lining you just follow the route 

You think I’m pretty when I’m bare face
Think I’m cute cause I nag when I don’t get
Attention man it ain’t fair
Getaways on an estate

You’re loyal to your people 
That’s your best trait it’s innate
I get triggered, mad bitter 
When we get the fighting 
I wanna leave but I’m not quitter

You hit the last nerve boy and all the transmitter 
Blocking out the chit chat babe it do not matter
My focus on you change the lens I see our future
My old man thinks you are the best suitor

My sister love you for me 
And she don’t love anybody 
If I was immortal 
I would love you bae for centuraries

We were meant be, now we vibsing
I love effortlessly I ain’t even trying
Your ex hit you up she was whyling
You pace my heart you make up all the wiring

Boy you perfect I take the risk cause your worth it 
Waist let ima work it
Enough of dem I say I will hurt waste men
Come round mi yard put this batty pon ya face dem

Yoooou youuu know I got that feeling for you (For you)
Yoooou youuu know I got that feeling for you 
Girl you know you’re my
You’re my sweet Muriro 
My sweet Muriro 

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About Feelings

Album : Wish You Were Here/ Feelings (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020 emPawa Africa.
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : May 08 , 2020

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